T R A V E L   D A T E S


I'm so grateful for a job that takes me places and let's me meet new faces. If you happen to be in any of the places below at the same time as I am, I'd love to know! My motto: if you're there, I'm there. The best part? There are no travel fees! I'm always looking to add more adventures to my calendar, so if you have somewhere fun in mind that you'd like to visit and have some pictures taken, then let's talk!

M A R C H  ' 1 9

Charleston, SC

F E B R U A R Y ‘ 1 9



M A Y ‘ 1 9

Charlotte, NC

Los Angeles, California


J U N E  ' 1 9

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

O C T O B E R ‘ 1 9

Zion National Park, UTAH