Mr. & Mrs. Wilkins

The first time I met Madeline was at her bridal session. We had emailed a few times before hand and I just knew through a few exchanged words that Madeline was one of a kind. Without a doubt, she is one of the most joyful and giving brides that I have ever met. I knew that Jay had to be one special man to have won her heart and that's just what he was the first time I met him on their wedding day. This couple could not have been any more humbling to capture. I felt my heart explode as soon as Jay turned around and looked at his bride during their first look and praised Jesus for letting me be the one to witness these two become one. These are the very moments that make me love photography. I am so blessed to have been given the opportunity to turn such sweet and intimate moments into something tangible. Glory be to God who placed the camera in my hand!


(Also, thank you Hallie Jacobs for tagging along with me to capture this day! Could not have done it without you!)