Janessa + Taylor, where do I even start. From the very first time I FaceTimed them as they sat in their car after a breakfast date, they invited me into their story and into their wedding day. Because of just that, I'll always consider this day a true gift. Being apart of a wedding day where I not only see a couple being so loved on by their friends and family but KNOW why they're so loved changes it all. I'll never forget sitting beside Janessa's dad at the reception and crying when he talked about his love for his children and this day or being hugged and thanked by all of J + T's friends as I left. These two are the real deal and I'll always have a very special place in my heart for this day. It was a blessing to be apart of it all. Love you guys so stinkin much //


p.s. yes, usually, I start blog post in order of the day, but this one I just had to share their faces first. I couldn't contain myself - I mean just look at them!

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