Rachel + Thomas / Clemson, SC

This past summer I received a text from a girl who I really didn't know. This girl, who I had maybe spoken to once in my life, began to encourage me in my business, engagement and spiritual growth. Can we just say wow! The Lord is good! Oh how I needed this. At the time I had just gotten engaged, graduated college, and I was considering taking this whole photography thing full time. The future seemed a bit unfamiliar and I just need a little encouragement and there it was in a text message from someone who didn't even know it. 

The girl you ask? Well that was Rachel Awtrey. Yep, I knew I wanted to be her friend. So I played it cool and asked her to coffee. Just kidding, I flat out told her I wanted to be her friend and for some reason she didn't find it creepy. Praise Jesus she didn't because her friendship has been the sweetest blessing.  

After a few more coffee and just friendship dates, she welcomed me into her cute little house to take some in-home photos of her and her hubby. I'm certain that these type of sessions will always be some of my favorites. I've included some of my favorite photos below for you to check out <3

So grateful for you, Rach and how much of the Lord's faithfulness I have seen through you and our friendship! She's also an insanely talented at everything she touches and you'd be missing something great if you didn't click here.