This is who i am & THIS IS what i'm about


Hey! My name is Sophie Grace! I live in Greenville, SC, I am married to the most wonderful man, Cameron, and I am mom to the cutest Goldendoodle you've ever seen, Leo (not biased at all, it's true). Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to glance at my work and what I love to do! I’ve learned that the Lord reveals things in His own timing and it wasn't until my junior year of college that He made it clear to me that I was created for creating. I find joy in capturing the beauty that I see in relationships and in His creation through my lens. I have never seen more of the Lord and His faithfulness than I have through starting this business. I would be lying if I said that any of this was my doing when it is so evident that He is the founder of Sophie Brendle Photography. May I never forget that or never make that unknown! 

It’s more than holding a camera and capturing a moment. It’s walking beside you and encouraging you in whatever season you are currently in. It’s holding your dress in one hand and the camera in the other. It’s about the conversations instead of the email threads. It’s about the smiles, tears, and laughs, not just the poses. It’s building lasting friendships that continue on after the memories fade. I am always honored when someone invites me into this process. I can’t help but view it as an opportunity to step into your life so that you treasure these vulnerable moments long after they end. My prayer for my clients is that they’re seeking more than a photographer who gets the "right shot," but a photographer who they can truly trust, call a friend, and count on for all future endeavors. Here's what I’ve learned: A good photographer is intentional with the camera, but a great photographer is someone who roots for you in the small moments and celebrates with you in the big moments. 

{A little background on why i'm doing what i'm doing} 

I quickly fell in love with the process, not just the product. The experience of being in a darkroom, processing your work, and not being able to see what you’ve captured until the final product is exhilarating and humbling. The immediate gratification is dismissed-- something the world is all about these days. It’s seeing photographs as a tangible way to preserve the real, raw, and authentic moments that I admire. Being a photographer sure is a cool thing; it gives me the best view into the greatest of stories. When my passion and talent aligned, I knew I was walking into a whole new world. Here's what I've seen: Your flowers will wilt, your rentals will be returned, and your dress will be dirty at the end of your wedding day. However, the pictures, well, they will last forever.

I appreciate clients that agree and recognize that this work is precious and priceless. However, the reality is that I’m not the only one to do what I do. There are a lot of great photographers out there. That said, I might not be the best fit for you because of the relational standpoint I come from. You may love my work but there may be someone else that can aid you better throughout this season.

If you're looking for a photographer to document who you truly are as a couple, then I’m your girl.  All the way from your engagement session to your wedding day, I want you to know I’m there to make this season as stress-free as possible. My hope is that I will be there to capture those sweet, precious, and intimate moments that happen naturally when two people are in love. Here are a few things that may help you decide if I'm the best fit for you!

I'm your girl if:

you recognize me as a friend as well as a photographer

you're an adventurous couple

you're okay snugglin' in front of the camera :)

you're not afraid to break tradition and get outside the “wedding" comfort zone

you're not afraid to get your dress a little dirty for some awesome portraits

you want to build a relationship with me 

we can and want to have a coffee date pre-wedding

you love sharing why you fell in love and why you can't wait to get married! 


I may not be your girl if:

you just know me as “the photographer”

you don't place much value in portraits of you and your love

you want to give me a list of shots you saw on Pinterest, unless we previously discuss this-- just trust me.

you have tradition in your wedding but there's no meaning

you want me to Photoshop pictures to make you look “skinnier"-- you're beautiful and I want to show you that!

you're not about those candid moments

I am so overjoyed and humbled to have had my work published on these widely-acclaimed and beautiful publications: